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Nashville Web Video LIVE Streaming Video

Imagine being able to go live from your next big event.  Until now, only the big TV stations could do that.  But now, thanks to the evolution of live streaming video, you and your message can be broadcast around the world...Live!
I'm Phil Mandley, owner of Nashville Web Video Production Services, and I'd like to help you go live from your next event.

Above is video from our live mobile traffic unit.  We're able to live stream video while driving through Nashville traffic to give viewers a live look at their morning and fternoon commute.  In addition, we're now able to include sponsor logos at the bottom of the screen.

Live from Orange Beach, Alabama.

Live from Thompson Station, Tennessee.

Live from a major traffic tie-up on I-65 and 840 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Ever wonder who's using live streaming video?  Event coordinators, politicians, charity groups, private businesses and, yes, even funeral homes.  If there is an event that you want thousands of people to see...then live streaming video can do just that!

Rates.  Most production companies don't post their rates.  They want you to fill out a form so that they can call you and "negotiate" a rate.  I don't do that.

Currently, it cost between $75 and $100 an hour to broadcast a live event through the Internet.  That includes camera rental, broadband air time, personnel (me) transportation and insurance.  

Below is our Video Production Agreement

click here to download file