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Does Your Business Need Web Video?  Yes!



Any type of retail business needs video.  With video, customers get to browse through your store as if they were actually there, meeting your sales staff and hearing actual customers talk about your business.  Video is a great way to help your customers feel more familiar and confident with purchasing from your business.


Real Estate

One of the biggest purchases anyone will ever make is the purchase of a home.  Trust and honesty are a big part of making these types of big purchases.  

Video lets potential home buyers visit your property and "walk through" the home as if they lived there.  Still pictures aren't able to give your buyer the true feeling of being inside the home.  Only video can do that.  



In these difficult economic times, more and more people are keeping their homes and using their dollars to fix them up and make improvements.  

Garden shops, nurseries and home improvement stores can use videos to show customers their inventory, product "how-to" demonstrations, and other informative demonstrations that not only sell a product, but also educate. 



With the success of televisions show like "The Biggest Looser" and the increased popularity with fitness and nutrition, video is the ideal way to show your customers and clients what type of results they can achieve with you.  

Nothing works better than showing someone how you can help them loose weight and get fit.  Pictures don't have the sound and "feel" of a real work out...but video does!  Show your fitness clients that you're a professional, committed to helping them get healthy.  Show it in a video! 



You don't have to be the next "Iron Chef" or Rachael Ray to know that anything having to do with cooking is hot these days.  More and more people are staying home and learning to cook for themselves.  

If your product or service has anything to do with cooking, then consider a video showing your customers how to use it.  Videos that have information in them receive a higher Google ranking and are more likely to be mentioned in blogs and emails.  You don't have to "sell" to get clients and customers.  Show people something, give them information for free and they'll become your customers for life (and so will their friends!)

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