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Nashville Web Video / Types Of Videos

There are many different ways for you to reach your customers with video.


Testimonials are current customers talking about your company. In a recent worldwide survey, 78% of consumers find word of mouth the most effective form of advertising.  Sixty-one percent trust "consumer opinions posted online", proving that word of mouth truly has transferred its major impact to the web.  When potential customers hear and see an unbiased opinion about your company or service, they are much more likely to invest their time and money with your company.

Company Overview  

Many people respond well to a video that describes your company's history and beliefs.  When the owner talks about how they stand behind the product or service, this can be very reassuring to the potential customer.


This type of video has a documentary look to it.  It's as if a film crew just wondered in and is watching your company at work on a typical day.  There isn't an overt "sell" to the video.  It just gives your customers a "fly-on-the-wall" point of view to judge your company.