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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Live Video Stream to Franklin Farmers Market
Just finished up my first live video streaming event from the Franklin Farmers market.  had some technical glitches early on, but al-in-all it went well.  I would post more, but i'm really tired and I have an early morning shoot.   Nap time!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Live Mobile Broadband; Our Company's Next Step

Last week was a big week for testing out our new broadband broadcasting equipment.  I was able to go live with a 4G air-card all around Nashville.  

The next big test will be connecting multiple cameras and going live with this advanced setup.  But the real "trick" will be setting up the equipment in multiple locations quickly and with a strong feed.  Now comes the time to invest in a signal amplifier and a mobile power supply.  

But the bigger question for me as a business owner is, do I invest the money to increase the equipments capability, or wait until there is a demand for the service?  It's like a restaurant owner investing in a pizza making machine before there is a demand for pizzas.  But if there is an immediate demand for "pizza" the owner doesn't want to get caught off-guard.  Hmmmmm.  Decision, decisions, decisions...


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

LIVE Streaming Video

This was a big day!  After more than a year of work to produce a good mobile signal for live remotes, I was able to get a live shot out of the Nashville International Airport today.  The shot was done with on a 4G aircard through our portable broadband broadcast unit.  

I'd hoped to get two cameras up and running, but the computer would only "talk" to one of the cameras, to that was as good as it would be today.  Gathered a lot of info and will "tweak" all the settings and try again next week.   Here's a link to the video on Ustream.  


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